• Beauté froide by Geneviève Delisle


Beauté froide

Watercolor on paper (cotton Arches) 300 g/m2

H x W (image): 36.8 cm x 27.2 cm (14 1/2 in. x 10 1/2 in.). The price includes  framing  and  mat. 


Cats have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. At the point where I took pleasure in visiting exhibitions of several races of cats. Of course, I have favorites and others which do not attract me much - actually, I much prefer hairy cats than  short haired ones. I'm not an expert on the different breeds of cats but I like to imagine they have different features. I am convinced that the maine coon likes to spend hours being cuddled and that the bengal is a great hunter. To tell the truth, my beliefs about cats are probably all false...

I know little about Siamese cats, I have never had one myself. However, I have had contacts in the past with two specimen of this breed. They were both very talkative and involved in the life of the household. Yet, in the end, what impresses me about the Siamese cats are their deep blue eyes and their almost royal allure.

For this watercolour, I painted angles and straight lines instead of curves for the animal. This choice was made to illustrate the cold, calculating and curious sides of cats. Cats monitor, they are always on the lookout, hunting, above everything. I worked in wet on wet for the background but with a dry brush for the cat itself. I've brushed paper and paint with a dry brush to give the illusion of short hair on the cat. For the vibrissae of the cat, I used the same rigid brush to allow me to remove the watercolour on the paper just before the final drying.

Fortunately, the other side of the coin is that he Siamese is also warm, playful and he loves to be near his master. To illuminate this 'cool beauty', I chose a colour contrast between the ultramarine blue eyes of the animal and its tinted ball in a powerful cadmium yellow.

Painting a cat is always a joy for me. Hoping that this watercolour will remind you of good memories of a feline that has crossed your life...

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Beauté froide by Geneviève Delisle

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